[ubuntu-cloud] libvirt: unknown OS type hvm (code=16)

Dong Ruan rd1983cn at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 23:21:39 BST 2009

Dear All

I installed Eucalyptus V 1.5.1 on Ubuntu 9.04, but every time when I 
tried to run an instance of my VM, the instance pending first, then it 
just terminated itself. I checked nc.log, and I found this error: 
libvirt: unknown OS type hvm (code=16). It is about hardware 
virtualization. It seems that my hardware doesn't support this, there is 
no options in BIOS to turn Virtualization on. I am wondering is there 
anyone have similar experience or any idea about this. What should I do 
if hardware virtualization is not supported in hardware, how can I make 
Eucalyptus work? Any suggestion is appreciated. Thank you very much.

Dong Ruan
Graduate Student
Department of Computer Science
Wayne State University

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