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As just the poor harrassed head of admin for SII.

I ask if we can use the ubuntu-classroom area or do they need to set up a
new channel for when the devs wish to hold classroom sessions.

If you read the text below, you will get a better idea of SII. There are
some VERY skilled programmers on there who I think would be an asset to
ubuntu, instead of making a seperate classroom area, I ask that you look
favourably upon this request.



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Hiyas Pen,

Even though SII is
1) Upstream
2) About developing AI

Whilst not pure accessibility, but accessbility will greatly benifit from
the work being done on things like the resurrection of the accessibility
plugin project for x-chat and also an accessibility bot that can be dropped
into channels upon request etc.

Do you forsee any problems in my using the ubuntu-classroom area when the
team wish to hold classes?

It is still a young team, but their commitment to the side of AI that
accessibility can gain from is in no doubt, an example being that the (still
being developed) web area has http://www.thesii.org/front/

(From our head of Dev) --> "The site's up at http://www.thesii.org, I'm
working to get it Section 508 first."

SII is still awaiting clearance from freenode to gain '#' status (it takes a
while!) but you are always welcome on ##sii-general, AlanBell is always on
there and has kindly popped the meetingology bot on for them.




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