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Many of you have seen emails or notes from me about something I'm trying
out to help us track assignments within the team.  I thought I'd send
something formally to the list as well.

A feature that I've wanted for a long time within Launchpad is that of
tickets / bugs (like RT), for things that need to be done within a team.
With that missing I've always just kind of filled in the gaps via Tomboy
+ email, etc.. with not a lot of success.

I started using Hiveminder today ( for managing some
of my own tasks / TODO, and also realized it had a group management
feature.  With this feature we can create, assign and manage tasks that
need to be done within the ubuntu-classroom "group".  I'm hoping this
will help us keep track of what needs to be done overall, who it is
assigned to, or even just create a task without an owner in hopes
someone can tackle it.

If you'd like to be added to the ubuntu-classroom group on hiveminder to
help manage task items let me know.  I invited a number of people, but
I'm sure I missed some (sent out invites from addresses in memory).

Also, one thing we've found concerning using the group feature:  Certain
tasks are general timeline tasks like "midweek follow-up".  Now this is
a generic item, not assigned to anyone in particular, but used as a
reminder, and can also be updated / closed by anyone.

I think the best way to interact with items like this are to use the
"comment" feature available per-task to leave any updates/corrections,
but don't "complete" the task.  This way everyone gets an email with
comments which are attached to that item, but the task remains open
until everyone has participated.

I'm sure it might take a bit of getting used to, but in what I've used
and read I really think it might help us organize everything we need in
order to get this going again.

Trying a few new tricks with this project,
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