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Fri Mar 14 18:17:36 GMT 2008


The letter to UWN looked good to me. But, I wrote it. It will be  
posted on this Sunday's UWN (3/16). I can check with Nick about  
editing the paragraph but it will probably be posted during/around our  
meeting. I can send the paragraph again if you want to take another  


Quoting Christer Edwards <christer.edwards at>:

> Missed the follow-up yesterday but I'll get it out today.
> Trevor - Do we have a solid agenda for this weeks meeting?  Is there
> anything that we should append to the list?  Also, is there perhaps a
> section of the Wiki where we can suggest Agenda items?
> Seth - Are we happy with our final letter to the UWN?  When did you say
> that would be posted from them?  Do we have time for one final look
> (perhaps during the meeting?) before it goes public?
> Alan - Are you going to be able to join us this week? :)
> Perhaps I've missed it, but is there a date for OpenWeek yet and should
> we start making plans to try and produce it this time around?  Is it
> going to correspond with the Hardy release?
> ...those are about all the random thoughts I have bouncing around in my
> head right now.
> Christer

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