Belinda A. Lopez dinda at
Thu Mar 13 14:41:40 GMT 2008

Yes!  The Training Team would love to collaborate with you folks and  
needs your help!  I've just been swamped with real life and job  
changes so haven't been able to reach out to you folks yet.    The  
Training Team meets biweekly in #ubuntu-training.  See https:// for more info.
Basically, the Ubuntu Desktop Course is in the final stages of  
editing and should be going to print any day now.  While Canonical  
sponsored the initial development, community members were asked to  
help proof and edit and now the documents are being released under  
the CC-SA-NC license.  They want and encourage Community members/ 
teams to use the materials.  The materials are not intended for  
professional trainers or companies to take and use to charge for  
Ubuntu training courses but if you want to help train a Loco team or  
a group of teachers or other folks, then by all means, the materials  
are yours to use for free.  There is also a good translation process  
in the works.

Our biggest need/hurdle moving forward is finding a better way to get  
more contributors into the next version of the course.  We have been  
following the Doc Team structure, using DocBook for development, but  
find that has a high learning curve for new folks who want to get  
started.  They are also using Bzr for version control and that has  
led to some problems as well.  We're actively looking for ideas on a  
better process that allows even casual contributors to participate  
without a high pain threshold for even looking at the materials.   
Right now you can download pdf versions of the Instructor and Student  
Guide off the Training wiki page and then file bugs against it in  



On Mar 12, 2008, at 8:28 PM, Ryan Kavanagh wrote:

> One thing I wanted to do, but didn't have a team/anybody else to
> participate with, was the Training programme that Canonical put  
> together
> and announced on the Ubuntu Documentation ML in October iirc. I'm  
> unsure
> if they could use our help, but if down the road we're looking for
> another venture to help out with, I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to offer.
> Cheers,
> Ryan
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> Ryan Kavanagh (ryanakca)
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