Transcripts Done?

Elizabeth Bevilacqua lyz at
Mon Jan 7 00:26:37 GMT 2008


Sorry for the delay in replying, I think with the holidays a lot of us
got side-tracked with other things.

First off - your enthusiasm to work on this project is precisely what
we need, thanks so much for stepping up and taking initiative to help

On 1/3/08, genes <rypedgenes at> wrote:
> I was going to put some time into the 'Ubuntu Open Week' transcripts, but--I
> receive a 404 with the link.
>  Nov 27: Desktop Team
> This class was held November 27th. ... could someone please complete this?
> Transcripts for the lesson:
> a7p at
> (if anyone wants to beautify, correct, re-hugify, mirror or what-ever-fy
> this - feel free to do so).
> Am I to late? or approaching this wrong...(dhaa)

These are pretty old transcripts (from 2006), and it looks like the
person who did that particular one has either removed it from the site
or moved it without updating the wiki. So we no longer have even basic
transcripts for that one, which is a pity.

I think from now on we want to host transcripts on the wiki so they
can be collaboratively maintained and we don't have to worry about
them disappearing like this.

Right at the moment I think what we need is a bit of a roadmap so
people can start taking tasks - one of which will be this very
important transcript writing once we get classes up again. Now that
the holidays are over and I have some more free time I'm gonna try to
get on this. What we want to do is take the volunteer part of our
wiki[0] and form it into some sort of plan so we can start moving

- Lyz


Elizabeth Bevilacqua

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