error while running opengl-es 2.0 example demo

Elián Hanisch lambdae2 at
Tue May 31 15:43:39 UTC 2011

On Martes 31 Mayo 2011 05:25:15 sudhanshu gupta escribió:
> hi guyz
> I am trying to run the demos given by the POWERVR-SDK to emulate OpenGL-ES
> 2.0 in Linux pc.
> I tried to run the demofractal in terminal but i got the error
> ../../../../../Builds/OGLES2/LinuxX86/make_platform.mak:21: *** When
> building an X11 BUILD you must set X11ROOT to point at the location where
> your X11 headers and libs can be found.. Stop.
> Sudhanshu

Sorry, but this isn't a support list, this isn't even an English list. This is 
a list of the Spanish Classroom Team.

Please check and ask in the correct list. You won't find 
answers here.

~ m4v
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