[ubuntu-cl] Acerca de la venta de CDs

Felix Perez felix.listaubuntu.cl en gmail.com
Jue Jun 14 22:12:18 BST 2007

Tiempo atras les escribí, a shipt preguntando por  por la situación y
esta es la respuesta que me dieron:
	de	 	Marilize Coetzee <info en shipit.ubuntu.com> 		 8/03/06
	para	 	Felix Perez V [PaginaWeb.Cl] <felixperezv en gmail.com>	
	fecha		08-mar-2006 7:31	
	asunto		Re: venta de cd de ubuntu	

> >
> Thanks, but problems is:
> many peaples has received CDs ubuntu, they are make money  selling CDs
> Ubuntu, This happens in site as www.mercadolibre.cl and other tham same
> class in my country (Chile).
> The questions is ¿there exists something that it could do?

Selling CDs is something that is permitted by our philosophy and
licensing and anybody is able to do it and there is nothing that we
can do to stop them.

With that said, people should remember that our resources are limited
and we cannot send an unlimited number of CDs out. For that reason, it
is our policy to never knowingly send CDs to people that will resell

Kind regards
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