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Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Tue,  25 Oct 2005 03:19:51 +0100
Source: libpam-mount
Binary: libpam-mount
Architecture: source
Distribution: dapper
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Bastian Kleineidam <calvin at debian.org>
Changed-By: Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync <katie at jackass.ubuntu.com>
 libpam-mount - a PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session
Closes: 276322 302024 302024 324287 324735 324735 324871 325028 327614 329094 332325 332869 334115 334694
 libpam-mount ( unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream version, again via private mail from the new maintainer
     Jan Engelhardt. And the patch list changelog:
     - 01_init_sigmask
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 02_command_args
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 04_g_ascii_strup
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 07_mount_crypt_luks
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 08_user_groups
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 09_umount_crypt_realpath
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 10_mount_links
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 11_config_examples
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 12_pmvarrun_debug
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 13_symbol_clash_fix
       replaced with 21_pmdebug
     - 14_mount_crypt_quoting
       dropped, applied upstream (a little modified)
     - 16_vol_to_dev_cpy
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 17_mount_crypt_stdin
       updated, use test -t 0 for interactivity test
       (Closes: #334694)
     - 18_umount_crypt_errors
       new: Add REALPATH var, and check if it exists.
     - 19_string_index
       new: Fix off-by-one index errors, and make sure that the volume
       device is delimited with \0.
     - 20_session_error
       new: When mounts fail the session should indicate error. Otherwise
       a $HOME volume mount with a "required" entry in the PAM config
       is not working, ie. the user logs in even if the partition
       could not be mounted.
     - 21_pmdebug
       new: Rename Debug -> PMDebug to avoid crash when using with xdm.
 libpam-mount ( unstable; urgency=low
   * Add exec and fsck to the mount options in the README.Debian
   * Avoid conflicting symbols with other libraries and/or programs by
     using a unique prefix for global variables and methods. Thanks Paul
     Hampson for the note.
     (Closes: #324735)
   * Fix quoting of mount.crypt options, thanks Mattia Monga for the
     patch. (Closes: #332869, #334115)
   * Fix double free of config items if pam_close_session is called
     twice. Thanks Paul Hampson for the patch. (Closes: #302024)
   * Fix some string copy lengths in vol_to_dev(), could garble the
     device name display.
   * Make sure that crypsetup password is read from stdin in mount.crypt.
 libpam-mount ( unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release from Jan Engelhardt (via private mail) with lots
     of our patches and more included. Here is the complete list:
     - 02_setuid_helper
       dropped, applied to upstream
     - 03_mkehd_bash_script
       dropped, applied to upstream
     - 04_debian_install_prefix
       renamed to 06_debian_install_prefix
     - 05_disable_mntcheck
       dropped, unnecessary
     - 06_user_mount_tools
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 07_setuid_user
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 10_chown_user_mount_count
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 11_crypt_types
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 12_dont_free_dirname
       dropped, the new g_dirname() function uses malloc()ed memory
       and it definitely must be freed.
     - 13_empty_options
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 15_no_error_warnings
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 16_compiler_warnings
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 18_more_err_msgs
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 20_loop_in_mtab_symlink
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 22_example_docs
       applied upstream in parts, rest is in 03_debian_docs
     - 26_unmount_wrong_directory
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 27_fix_dmdevice_name
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 28_converse_resp_check
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 29_crypto_compile_fix
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 31_no_ws_arg_split
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 32_mount_crypt_options
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 33_pmvarrun_errors
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 34_losetup_password
       dropped, applied upstream
     - 35_mount_crypt_luks
       renamed to 07_mount_crypt_luks
     - 36_user_groups
       renamed to 08_user_groups
     - 37_umount_crypt_realpath
       renamed to 09_umount_crypt_realpath and adjusted (see below)
     - 38_mount_links
       partly applied upstream, renamed to 10_mount_links and updated
   * Initialize signal mask before setting signal handlers (patch
   * Fixed all hyphen quoting in the manpages: "\-" is a minus and "-" is
     a hyphen (weird but true).
   * Improve the documentation in README.Debian and the
     comment in common-pammount to make clear there is only one
     include per PAM application, not two.
     Also, adjust the original README to mention common-pammount.
     (Closes: #302024) - Fails to unmount on session close and crash
   * Only call realpath when it exists and is executable. This is due to
     the fact that
     a) /usr might not be mounted or
     b) the realpath package is not installed.
     Add a Suggests: realpath in debian/control.
     (Closes: #332325) - should depend on realpath
   * NULL-terminate command arguments, thanks Paul Hampson for the patch.
     (Closes: #324735) - does not mount with xdm
   * Patches 04_g_ascii_strup and 05_warnings: fix deprecated functions
     and some compiler warnings.
 libpam-mount (0.9.25-4) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added fsck to the default allowed options. Also add it to one of the
     example mount configs to give users a hint that this option is
     useful for home directory mounts.
   * Allow to specify a group name as user for volume mounts with
     '@group'. This lets all users in the given group mount a volume.
     This option is only allowed in the global config. (Closes: #276322)
   * Allow relative pathnames with umount.crypt (Closes: #327614)
   * New patch 38_mount_links thanks to Julien Soula.
     (Closes: #329094) - fails to check already mounted volume when links
     are used
 libpam-mount (0.9.25-3) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added option to mount.crypt to specify filesystem type.
     Use like this:
     $ mount.crypt -o fstype=ext3
     Or in pam_mount.conf add "fstype=ext3" to the crypt mount options.
     Note that you only need this if mount(8) does not detect the file
     system type automatically.
     (Closes: #324871)
   * Add cryptsetup LUKS support to (u)mount.crypt. Thanks Florian Frank
     for the patch (Closes: #325028)
 libpam-mount (0.9.25-2) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added FSCK definition to mount.crypt. Thanks Ruediger Otte (Closes:
   * Add build dependency on 'check', a C unit testing framework. Right
     now it is not used, but we don't want to get errors if upstream
     decides to use it.
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