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Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Tue,  25 Oct 2005 02:13:56 +0100
Source: debram
Binary: debram, debram-data
Architecture: source
Version: 0.6.5
Distribution: dapper
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Thaddeus H. Black <t at b-tk.org>
Changed-By: Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync <katie at jackass.ubuntu.com>
 debram     - ramified catalog of available .debs
 debram (0.6.5) unstable; urgency=low
   * Aggregated the changes in experimental versions 0.6.4a through d
     for official release to unstable (see those changelog entries).
   * Observed here that although further bugfixes are not impossible,
     neither are they expected; and that barring an urgent need,
     debram 0.6.5 is expected to the the last debram.
   * Offered admins the following counsel.
     - Sarge stable admins should install the binaries debram 0.6.4
       (distributed with sarge) and debram-data 0.6.5.
     - Sarge stable admins may build and install their own local
       debram 0.6.5 binaries.  This works fine; the source is already
       properly backported.  However, building one's own debram 0.6.5
       binary is unnecessary.  If unsure, follow the advice in the
       previous point.
     - Etch testing and sid unstable admins should install debram 0.6.5
       and debram-data 0.6.5.  They should also probably install debtags.
     - Although etch includes debram, most etch stable admins probably do
       not need it.  Instead, they can and should install debram's
       improved replacement debtags.
     - Etch+1 admins (and sid admins in the era following etch's release)
       do not need debram and, unless they have some unusual historical
       interest, should not install it.
   * Observed here that debram, useful for sarge users, is less useful
     post-sarge and is planned to be removed from Debian after etch's
 debram (0.6.4d) experimental; urgency=low
   * Observed here that this experimental release is a candidate for
     0.6.5 release to sid three days to three weeks from today, if no
     further bugs emerge in the meantime.
   * Updated the FSF's postal address in debian/copyright.
 debram (0.6.4c) experimental; urgency=low
   * Observed here that this experimental release is a candidate for
     0.6.5 release to sid three days to three weeks from today, if no
     further bugs emerge in the meantime.
   * Rebuilt debram.txt from the concatenated Packages files included
     with the official Debian 3.1r0a i386 CD set.  (The concatenated CD
     Packages files are substantially similar to the FTP Packages file.
     With respect to one or two packages of optional or extra Priority,
     however, the CDs and FTP seem to disagree on the exact package
     Priority.  Why?  Don't know.  Haven't investigated.  The difference
     admittedly does not amount to much.  Anyway, this debram build
     follows the CDs.)
   * Slightly modified maint.txt and helper/new-debram-body to handle
     correctly the concatenated CD Packages file.
 debram (0.6.4b) experimental; urgency=low
   * Taking advantage of the helpful fact that sarge was now stable,
     reviewed the ramification top to bottom, correcting two or three
     hundred misramifications.  Observed that this was meant to be the
     last such general review.
   * Subdivided the 1740 and 9150 rams.
   * Added a few new cross-references between rams.
   * Added a new BUILDING text file, setting forth some notes relevant to
     users who want to build their own debram packages.
   * Added a new helper/RelSteps text file, outlining the steps the
     author typically takes in preparing a new debram release.
   * Added a minor iconv(3)-like capability to helper/new-debram-body.
   * Slightly corrected maint.txt.
 debram (0.6.4a) experimental; urgency=low
   * Observed here that this is the first issue after sarge's release.
     Noted that the debram-data package issued here is fully compatible
     with sarge's debram (0.6.4) package, and that it is expected (and
     supported and recommended) that many sarge debram users will upgrade
     debram-data but not debram.
   * Observed here that the significance of this experimental issue and
     of the forthcoming 0.6.5 issue is that, unlike the 0.6.4 issue
     actually shipped with sarge, these later issues fully cover sarge.
     (The final sarge package list became available only just before
     sarge's release, by which time of course it was too late to update
     debram-data in sarge.  This was expected and planned.  Thus this
     issue, and the forthcoming 0.6.5.)
   * Updated the ramification data to cover all binary packages in sarge
     stable main i386.
   * Added a few new cross-references between rams.  Clarified the title
     of ram 8141.  Corrected a handful of package misramifications.
   * Edited the manpage significantly, reflecting the circumstances
     prevailing after sarge's stable release.  Among other changes,
     - deleted the "Updating the Library Data" section;
     - revised the "Bugs" section; and
     - added a notice that the -c option does not work well on terminals
       with white backgrounds.
   * Extended the Document History appropriately at debram.txt's foot.
   * Deleted one now unneeded helper script.  Slightly improved one or
     two of the others.
   * To avoid confusion for sarge users upgrading debram-data,
     refrained from updating the maintainer's e-mail address here
     to <thb at debian.org> (the maintainer is an official Debian Developer
     as of this issue).
   * Updated maint.txt to include all sarge package maintainers.
   * Observed here that the source is fully buildable on a sarge stable
     system, without any backporting modification.  Undertook to maintain
     such clean backportability for all 0.6.x issues.
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 43a2370ca3e3f5fd635acb7cfd46343b 533 admin optional debram_0.6.5.dsc
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