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Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Thu,  03 Nov 2005 20:13:37 +0000
Source: ctwm
Binary: ctwm
Architecture: source
Version: 3.7-1
Distribution: dapper
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Branden Robinson <branden at debian.org>
Changed-By: Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync <katie at jackass.ubuntu.com>
 ctwm       - Claude's Tab window manager
 ctwm (3.7-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * Merge upstream 3.7 release.
     + The upstream maintainer is now Richard Levitte, not Claude Lecommandeur.
     + Add workspace context for keybindings.
     + Add AlwaysSqueezeToGravity configuration keyword and feature.
     + Add TwmKeys and TwmVisible menus.
     + Implement preliminary GNOME compliance (see README.gnome and TODO.gnome
       in /usr/share/doc/ctwm.)
     + Add IconifyStyle configuration keyword and feature for "fancy" graphical
     + Add JPEG/JFIF image support, using "jpeg:filename" syntax.
     + Add f.showbackground action, which unmaps all windows in the current
     + Add preliminary support for Xinerama extension using the VirtualScreens
       configuration keyword.
     + Change Imakefile to support a distribution target.
     + Change :xpm:cross to be a bit larger, appear more three-dimensional, and
       be more visible even in very dark configurations.
     + Make AlwaysSqueezeToGravity work for all windows if no window list is
     + Add NoImagesInWorkSpaceManager configuration keyword and feature which
       prevents background images from being displayed in the workspace map.
     + Add -cfgchk command-line option, which simply performs a parse check on
       the configuration file, without launching the window manager.
     + Change the behavior of DontMoveOff/MoveOffResistance (see upstream
     + Change behavior of random placement to respect DontMoveOff (see upstream
     + Change f.warpring action so that the icon manager doesn't get enter and
       leave events if IconManagerFocus is set.
     + Add f.movetoprevworkspace, f.movetonextworkspace,
       f.movetoprevworkspaceandfollow, and f.movetonextworkspaceandfollow
       actions (see upstream changelog).
     + Add "vertical" as a parameter to the f.fill action (see upstream
     + Add hack to ensure that a window that had been maximized keeps the focus
       when it is restored to its previous size.
     + Fix f.zoom action to stop moving the window up.
     + Add IgnoreTransient configuration keyword and feature to ignore a
       specified list of transient windows.
     + Optimize workspace switch performance by preventing redraws of windows
       that occupy all workspaces when switching workspaces.
     + Make ctwm aware of the "mysterious GTK+ group leader" windows.
     + Fix BorderResizeCursors to work for top and left borders when
       non-3D-borders are used.
     + Stop GetWMPropertyString() from leaking memory.
     + Fix bug in f.warpring action where the pointer would be moved to the
       right and end up outside the title bar.
     + Fix bug in f.warpring action where if the active window was closed and
       the cursor ended up in the root window, it wouldn't move until moved
       with a pointer motion event.
     + Add NoWarpToMenuTitle configuration keyword to keep the cursor from
       warping to the menu title if the menu won't fit on the screen below the
       current cursor position.
     + Initialize Scr->workSpaceMgr.windowFont.
     + Add support for full GNU regular expressions in window and class names
       by defining USE_GNU_REGEX in the Imakefile (disabled by default).
     + Add DontToggleWorkSpaceManagerState configuration keyword to turn off
       the feature which toggles the workspace manager state between map and
       button when the control key is pressed and the workspace manager window
       is in focus.
     + Add a TWMAllIcons menu, which lists all iconified windows on all
     + Add f.changesize action, which allows you to change the size of the
       focused window bia menus and key bindings.
     + Fix focus problems with f.changesize action and add ability to set a new
       fixed window size.
     + Update email address used for upstream bug reports when ctwm crashes.
     + Convert all K&R function headers to use ANSI C prototypes.
     + Only use the DefaultFunction if no function was found.
     + Modify random placement algorithm when DontMoveOff is set (see upstream
     + Fix bug where resizing windows from the menu when not using 3D borders
       would move the target window down and right by a border width.
     + Enhance info window to include the outer geometry and 3D border width.
     + Rework SIGHUP handler to set a global flag and have CtwmNextEvent()
       react to it by calling DoRestart(). [BR: I think this is how W. Richard
       Stevens and other Unix gurus have been telling people how to write
       signal handlers for years...]
     + Improve portability to VMS.
     + Support GCC_PEDANTIC Imakefile variable, which turns on all kinds of
       paranoid CCOPTIONS (off by default).
     + Fix .ctwm-sounds file parser to permit spaces embedded in sound file
       names, and trip spaces from the beginning and end of file names and
       event tokens.
     + Add a ctwm.spec file for RPM building.
       variables to m4.
     + Document the sound feature in the manual page.
     + Add "rpm" target to Imakefile to enable building an RPM package directly
       from a distribution tarball.
     + Make library locations configurable through use of USER_* Make
       variables (see Imakefile.local-template in source package).
     + Make configuration easier on VMS by moving configuration definitions to
     + Update upstream maintainer's email address.
     + Note that the gnu-emacs[1-7].xpm files formerly shipped in
       /usr/X11R6/include/X11/pixmaps/ are no longer in this package, having
       been dropped upstream.
   * Update Debian copyright file to reflect new upstream source and
   * debian/rules: Add README.gnome and TODO.gnome as arguments to
   * Move Debian customizations of Imakefile to Imakefile.local since most of
     them have been rendered unncessary by upstream.  Only two configuration
     differences from upstream remain; switch on USE_SOUND (rplay) and
   * Drop patch to gram.y; upstream has fixed the parsing problems with GNU
     Bison 1.50 and later.
   * Forward-port patch to ctwm.c to use locale.h instead of Xlocale.h for
     locale functions if the version 2 or later of the GNU C library is in use.
   * Drop patch that prevents random placement of windows with explicit
     geometry (merged upstream).
   * Change default system.ctwmrc to restore upstream default placement of
     workspace manager.  Track upstream change to location of icon manager
     geometry definition and remove the workspace manager from the list of
     windows in the icon manager.
   * Revert Debian changes to the manpage for the time being, as it will be
     very time-consuming to merge them with the extensive upstream revisions.
   * debian/rules: Create the build-stamp file in a more idiomatic way.
   * Modify upstream Imakefile to rename CONFDIR variable to CTWMCONFDIR (since
     CONFDIR in already used by X11.tmpl), and define the values of PIXMAPDIR
     and CTWMCONFDIR to conform to Debian conventions.  (This doesn't actually
     change the locations of any unpacked files.)
   * Update Debian rules file to stop passing now-uneeded symbol definitions to
     make, stop moving files that are now installed to the correct locations my
     the upstream install rule, and update a comment to reflect a package name
     change (fvwm-common -> fvwm-icons).
   * Re-indent some Debian changelog entries from 1999 to shut up Lintian
   * Move pre-1999 Debian changelog entries to changelog.Debian.old to quiet
     Lintian warnings about their format (which was legal, or at least far more
     slackly enforced, back then).
   * Bump Standards-Version from 3.6.1 to 3.6.2.  No changes necessary.
   * Rework logic passing flags to the C compiler in the Debian rules file.
     Use and export CFLAGS instead of messing with CDEBUGFLAGS, since the
     upstream Imakefile uses CDEBUGFLAGS for its own purposes.  Always switch
     on -g, and set the optimization level per Debian Policy section 10.1.
   * Update examples.  Ship lynx.ctwmrc.m4 as-is instead of pre-processing it
     with m4, so that we actually provide an example of a startup file that
     uses m4.  Remove build-dependency on m4.  Ship the new system.ctwmrc.gnome
     file as an example of how to make CTWM work with GNOME.
   * Update ctwm's crash handler to include instructions on how to report bugs
     to the Debian Bug Tracking System (leaving the existing text requesting
     reports upstream intact modulus some grammar edits).
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