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Mon Jun 20 02:05:08 CDT 2005

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Origin: Debian/unstable
Format: 1.7
Date: Mon,  20 Jun 2005 07:54:08 +0100
Source: cernlib
Binary: cernlib-core-dev, libphotos202-dev, libpacklib1, libpawlib2-dev, libgeant321-2, geant321-doc, libmathlib2, libphtools2-dev, libcojets2, libeurodec1-dev, libpacklib1-lesstif, dzedit, libgeant321-2-dev, libpdflib804-2-dev, paw, geant321-data, libisajet758-2-dev, libpacklib1-dev, cernlib-core, zftp, montecarlo-base, libgraflib1-dev, libeurodec1, libisajet758-2, libherwig59-2, libmathlib2-dev, libpawlib2, pawserv, libphotos202, paw++-static, libcojets2-dev, cernlib-extras, paw-common, cernlib-montecarlo, libkernlib1, libpawlib2-lesstif, libpdflib804-2, libgrafx11-1-dev, libpacklib1-lesstif-dev, libgrafx11-1, libpawlib2-lesstif-dev, kxterm, libkernlib1-dev, paw-static, paw-demos, libherwig59-2-dev, cernlib-base, paw++, kuipc, libphtools2, cernlib, libgraflib1, geant321
Architecture: source
Version: 2005.05.09-1
Distribution: breezy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Kevin B. McCarty <kmccarty at>
Changed-By: Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync <katie at>
 cernlib    - almost complete set of Debian Cernlib packages
Closes: 280782 302476 302488 302495 303098 304879 313327
 cernlib (2005.05.09-1) unstable; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
     - Incorporates the security fixes from Debian version 2004.11.04-3,
       making a number of Debian-specific patches obsolete.
     - Fixes build failures with gcc 4 (closes: #303098).  Thanks also to
       Andreas Jochens <aj at> for some additional fixes now in new
       patch 318.
     - Note new upstream source directory in debian/copyright.
   * Post-Sarge spring clean-up of debian directory structure:
     - Move all debhelper-related snippets into a debian/debhelper directory.
       Symlink to them at build time and delete the symlinks at clean time.
     - Likewise, add a debian/lintian directory and store overrides there.
       (No need for symlinks; they are copied into packages by debian/rules.)
     - Move debian/generic/patches to debian/patches in preparation for
     - Rename debian/generic to debian/add-ons to better describe its contents.
     - Move debian/local/control to debian/control.d, remove-deadpool to
       add-ons/bin, and the other files in debian/local directly under the
       debian directory.
     - Rename rules-help.txt to README.source in attempt to comply with the
       Policy proposal in bug #250202.  Add "patched" target to debian/rules
       as a synonym for "patch".
     - Edit all files referring to these paths appropriately.
   * Post-Sarge spring clean-up of dependencies in debian/control.d/*:
     - Remove lesstif-dev from Build-Depends and Depends; we only want to
       use lesstif2-dev and we no longer are concerned with woody
     - Remove the xlibs-dev alternative from Build-Depends for same reasons.
     - Remove all references to version numbers 2003.09.03-2 and earlier
       (dating from > 1.5 years before the release of Sarge):
       . Versioned dependencies on packages >= 2003.09.03-2 become
         unversioned dependencies;
       . Conflicts/Replaces against old packages libcern1, etc. are removed.
   * Post-Sarge removal of woody backward compatibility hack for debconf i18n
     from debian/rules:
     - Move pawserv.templates.master to pawserv.templates.
     - debian/po/ list debian/pawserv.templates (not .master).
     - debian/control.d/0base.control: Build-Depend on debhelper (>= 4.1.16).
     - debian/control.d/pawserv.control: Depend on debconf (>= 1.2.0).
   * debian/rules, debian/debhelper/pawserv.postinst: Change permissions
     of /var/log/pawserv directory in postinst (with dpkg-statoverride) instead
     of debian/rules, to fix Lintian warning and better guarantee security.
     Also, if the local admin for some reason has overridden our set permissions
     (0700) with dpkg-statoverride, this way his/her changes will be preserved.
     Remove the stat-override in pawserv.postrm.
   * Convert patch system to dpatch, re-applying all extant patches (that are
     still relevant) from scratch.  Be warned, some of the dpatch
     files are shell scripts (a little-used dpatch feature) instead of patches!
     See debian/patches/README in the source package for more information.
     - Add dpatch (>= 2.0.9) to Build-Depends.
     - Patch files are now much more fine-grained.
     - Edit debian/rules to use dpatch targets.
     - Implement hackery in add-ons/Makefile so build still works on
       non-Debian systems.
     - patch 308: allow build process to search for cfortran.h at
       <cfortran/cfortran.h> instead of <cfortran.h>.  As a result, add
       (>= 4.4-5) to cfortran Build-Dependency.  Also edit add-ons/Makefile
       to compensate.
     - patch 602 (part of old patch 041): add #ifdef CERNLIB_DEBIAN protection
       around change to use x-terminal-emulator instead of xterm.
   * Some libraries are bumped from soname version 1 to soname version 2
     because they have a direct or indirect dependency upon libblas and
     liblapack.  We are moving from a dependency on lib{blas,lapack}.so.2 to
     lib{blas,lapack}.so.3 (closes: #280782).  The affected libraries are
     cojets, geant321, herwig59, isajet758, mathlib, pawlib, pdflib804, phtools.
     - Rename debhelper snippets and fix contents where needed.  (Note that
       lib*.install files are edited to s/2004/2005/ even for libraries not
       changing sonames.)
     - Fix Build-Depends in debian/control.d/0base.control.
     - Clean up dependencies in debian/control.d/*.  In most cases the Depends
       on blas and lapack which worked around bug #276145 are no longer
     - Make cernlib-base Conflict against all the old -dev packages.
     - Bump sonames in build process (patch 806).
     - Move isajet, eurodec, and cojets data files to a different location
       so they don't conflict with the files in the old soname packages.
       . Edit patch 301 so they are searched for in the correct place.
     - Fix debian/lib*.install and debian/local/control/lib*.control files.
     - Fix cernlib script to link against correct sonames.
     - Delete this item from TODOs.
     - Comment on soname change in debian/NEWS.
   * Separate out libpaw functionality with Lesstif dependencies into another
     library and package, in libpawlib2-lesstif.
     Rename libkuipX11 to libpacklib-lesstif for consistency, and put it in a
     libpacklib1-lesstif package.  Move kuwhag.c from libpacklib-lesstif into
     libgrafX11, as it doesn't require Lesstif.  This reduces the library
     installation footprint for programs like pawX11 and mn_fit that don't
     need Lesstif.
     - Bump shlibs for libgrafX11 since it now has a new function.
     - Edit control files, debhelper files, and cernlib script accordingly.
     - Delete this item from TODOs.
     - Comment on library split in debian/NEWS.
   * Debconf translations
     - Czech: Martin Šín <martin.sin at> (closes: #304879)
     - Brazilian Portuguese: André Luís Lopes <andrelop at>
       (closes: #302476, #302488, #302495)
     - Vietnamese: Clytie Siddall <clytie at> (closes: #313327)
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