[Ubuntu-ch] Hello CH Community!

Marcus Moeller marcus.moeller at gmx.ch
Wed Jan 18 07:47:14 UTC 2012

Dear Marco,

> I just moved in to Switzerland, more precisely, Winterthur. So, let me
> give a small intro about my self:
> If been using Ubuntu since 2005 and have been a part of the Portuguese
> community almost from the beginning. Started using it during
> University ( Computer Networks engineering - finnish my Masters last
> year) . It was with Ubuntu that I got my first job, at a portuguese
> Start up named Intraneia, where I did development, client management,
> system&  network administration, basically, worked with Open Source
> software to help and give value to our clients. e.g Ubuntu, Drupal,
> Wordpress, Zentyal (Linux Small Business Server based on Ubuntu) and
> other software. (If you havent tried Zentyal, you should, its pretty
> good )
> However, i've "moved out" of that area for the past 2 years (Been
> working at Deloitte in IT Audit and Security Consulting), but now,
> moving in to Switzerland, I wanted to get back in to the scene, know
> people and debate ideas :)

Welcome on board :)

> For now, I'm "searching for my path", basically looking for work, but
> starting some projects in a personal level, for freelancing. Getting
> back to Rails and learning Android.
> Well, this is my little story.
> So, 2 questions:
> 1. Is Ubuntu, or making the question even deeper, is Linux well known
> in CH? do companies ( lets talk for now of SME ) accept it?
> 2. I also saw that there will be a Ubuntu release party in Winterthur,
> how many people usually go? In Portugal we had a monthly Ubuntu
> meeting, for everyone how wanted to come talk or get help, there
> average would be around 6/7 persons, the max we got was about 15.

There are monthly meetings in Zurich, mostly announced on the Ubunteros 


Besides that, we are organizing the first Ubucon in Winterthur (combined 
with the release party) this year. You are of course welcome to 
volunteer (e.g. help at the event, do a talk, or give a workshop).

If the Call for Papers is open, it will be announced here.


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