[Ubuntu-ch] Ubucon 12 Switzerland

Marcus Moeller marcus.moeller at gmx.ch
Fri Jan 6 17:19:47 UTC 2012

Hi all.

You might already have heard some rumors, and yes, they are true: we are 
planning to extend the Release Party in Winterthur to the first Swiss 
Ubucon. The 12 in the name stands for the year ;)

The aim is to have talks and workshops over the day and the Release 
Party in the evening (at a bar nearby).

At the moment we are in early planning stage, but if you are interested 
in helping out in some kind of form (either planning, or orga at the 
event), just let me know.

Greetings and a Happy New Year

PS: Most of you whose names are on the Regional contacts list, should 
already have received a Happy New Year welcome package. If you are not 
one of these lucky guys/girls I was unable to figure out your address. 
If you want to be in loop, next time, either publish your address on the 
Regional Contacts page or sent me a PM.

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