[Ubuntu-ch] My next trip to Switzerland

Marcus Moeller marcus.moeller at gmx.ch
Fri Apr 13 08:53:02 UTC 2012

Dear Stéphane.

> Some of you know that although I'm still listed at quite a few places
> related to the Ubuntu swiss team, I've been living in Canada for more
> than 3 years now.
> I usually travel back to Switzerland for a few months a year as my
> work at Canonical allows me to work from pretty much anywhere.
> This year, I'll be around between the 7th to the 29th of April to be
> in Europe for the Ubuntu 12.04 release as my usual US eastern timezone
> doesn't work great when you have to attend the release sprint meetings
> that are full of Europeans :)
> So I'll be around for these 3 weeks, mostly working on the release and
> actually releasing Ubuntu and Edubuntu on the 26th.
> I haven't made up my mind on the 28th on whether I'll be attending
> Ubucon or not, the biggest problem being the location and the fact
> that I'll be flying back to Canada from Geneva the day after :)

Have you already thought about attending at the event? Are you 
interested in giving a talk about Edubuntu?


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