[Ubuntu-ch] regional contact cleanup

Marcus Moeller marcus.moeller at gmx.ch
Tue Sep 27 20:23:35 UTC 2011

Hi all.

> my opinion on the whole subject:
> The wikipage is merely a list of people who want to give support for
> Ubuntu - these are *not* necessarely the same people who want to do
> any kind of community work.
> If I think I'm able to give support for Ubuntu, why should I have to
> join a mailinglist which is about topics which most likely neither
> influence me, nor are interesting for me? Even more so for people
> which aren't able to speak English very well.
> So, in my opinion:
> Sending a people a (personal!) email to see if they're still active,
> and if needed delete them (maybe after a second reminder, some people
> tend to overlook some mails) is okay.
> *Forcing* people to join a Mailinglist in order to continue to be able
> to share the spirit of Ubuntu by giving support is clearly not. Not
> everyone is comfortable with mailinglists. Not everyone is comfortable
> with English. Not everyone is interested in the topics either. This
> significantly puts the barrier for some people willing to give support
> up, which is not a good thing at all. Informing there there is a such
> thing like a mailing list is enough. Why force them to join?

Why not? This is a low traffic list and if one wants to give support for 
ubuntu in the name of the Loco team, I expect him/her to take part or at 
least be reachable in an easy way. That's how it works out in other 
communitys, too (e.g. openSUSE, Fedora ...) without any problems.

But anyhow, Hassan was so kind and collect the addresses of all the ppl 
who have not read the notes and the next step is to mail them personally 
and track the answers.

If you want to keep such an internal list up to date and want to re-mail 
the members of this list on a yearly basis, you are of course welcome to 
step in.

You could also start the mailing for this years cleanup, because I did 
not find the time yet (I will start it soon if noone else raises hands).


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