[Ubuntu-ch] Ubuntu 11.04 media

Marcus Moeller marcus.moeller at gmx.ch
Wed Sep 14 08:15:14 UTC 2011

On 09/07/2011 11:17 AM, Thon ac d wrote:
> Ok there's a bit of a problem about the needed amount of CDs and whether
> or not we ask Canonical about it, etc.
> I transfert you to Cedric BRINER who is the responsible one about CDs
> (and the bossy one ;-) too) and Sebseb 01 who's the one that,
> apparantly, distribute the CDs last year.
> If one of you need any help, I'm still around.
> Greets
> Emmanuelle Germond
> Le 06.09.2011 08:36, Marcus Moeller a écrit :
>> Hi.
>> could you please tell me your shipping address?

You should have received the media by now. Could you please add a short 
notice about your event on the wiki main page below "Current Activities 
/ Events and other activities"?


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