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Thon ac d thon_ac_d at citycable.ch
Mon Sep 5 20:31:40 UTC 2011

Hi again,
Well, I ask around, 200 or 300 will be great. Do you have stickers, 
flyers, etc. too?
The shipping address will be communicate on PM.
THX already
E. Germond
PS Here follows some of the Fêtons Linux facts. (I didn't precise that 
the conferences and workshops will be in french)

Translation of the Cedric Briner mail:
/Hi everybody,
Are you already know? But Fêtons Linux (Celebrate Linux) opening in 
again this year for his second edition. It will be the Friday, 7th of 
October between 2 and 9 PM. Write it down now! ... Yeah now, or you 
might forget./
Discovery of Linux and Free Software. Post Tenebras Lab will demonstrate 
open hardware like Arduino and 3D printers. Ubuntu Install party, let's 
talk bout free software, and other activities. There also will be 
conferences and workshop like command Line, wikipedia, Unity and the 
special conference about Net Neutrality by Benjamin Bayart.
Check out for more on www.fetons-linux.ch.

Le 04.09.2011 08:40, Marcus Moeller a écrit :
> Hi again.
>> Are your media CDs, by any chance?
>> As you may have seen, on the mailling list "Fêtons Linux", which is
>> planned for the 7th of October, is searching for cds of Ubuntu (and
>> Kubuntu) to distribute.
>> If there localized (fr-ch) it would be perfect!
>> Waiting for your answer,
> The announce of Fêtons Linux was in french. It would be great to have 
> a short summary of the event in English.
> If media is necessary, just leave me a note with the shipping address 
> and the requested amount, and I will take care.
> Greets
> Marcus
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