[Ubuntu-ch] Marketing Material

Marcus Moeller marcus.moeller at gmx.ch
Thu Oct 6 13:33:48 UTC 2011

On 09/29/2011 07:26 PM, Marcus Moeller wrote:
> Hi all.
> We currently lack of marketing material that could be hand out or used
> for booth setup at events.
> Therefor I have asked Myrian to bring the rest she has to Zurich and
> asked Canonical to sent us some stuff.
> I am going to move the Media Management page to a new one called
> Marketing Material, if that's ok.
> There we can track who has what. Media will not be counted there. You
> can just request it and I will tell you how much you can get.
> If you request things like booth cloth or banners, please make sure that
> it comes back to Zurich after the event.
> Hopefully we can equip you more, for the next event.

We have received some goodies today and so I took the change to create the:


page on the wiki.


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