[Ubuntu-ch] Kubuntu Swiss-french keys

Pablo Vegezzi pvegezzi at yahoo.es
Mon Aug 22 08:20:19 UTC 2011

Hello Ubuntu Swiss,

My name is Pablo Vegezzi. I am from Argentine at Geneva since 1980 and 
interested in biochemistry, aphasia and evidently computers.

My language is Spanish; In French I speak OK but bad to write. In 
English I am OK for technicians texts but, as you can see, I write worst 
than in French. Not idea of German (I'm sorry!).

I am starting with Ubuntu, more precisely with Kubuntu 11.04. If I can 
collaborate with Ubuntu Swiss, tell me.

I work on a desktop with a classic wide keyboard of 104 keys of 
Swiss-french type. The original OS is Windows XP and by disk partition 
and dual-boot system I installed Kubuntu 11.04.

My problem in Kubuntu is to get characters like:
@ € # [ ] { } < > \ / ...

and since I write in French and in Spanish I need characters like :
ñ Ñ ê ù á í ó Ó ...

In Windows using Alt-R (and one of the two types on the up-right of the 
keyboard) it is possible to get all the characters.
How in Kubuntu?

A help could be just in the necessary commands.

Thank you.
Pablo Vegezzi

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