[Ubuntu-ch] Media Management

Marcus Moeller marcus.moeller at gmx.ch
Wed Apr 6 19:42:16 UTC 2011

Hi all.

>> Some of you might have noticed that ShipIt has been discontinued.
> Only for the general public, not for the approved LoCo Teams.
>> Instead LoCo Teams are allowed to order Media Sets:
> Nothing has changed there, same procedure as every 6 months :)
>> http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/04/05/shipit-discontinued-long-live-loco-teams/
>> If everyone is fine with it, I would like to offer my help on media
>> management, meaning I would order a set for the Swiss Loco to the ETH and
>> ship required amounts to ppl who are in need of (e.g. for a release event, a
>> jam or an install day).
> I have been handling this since several years now, but since I am
> moving to Germany in 2 weeks this sounds like a brilliant idea from my
> POV. (don't worry, Ulm is not that far away from Switzerland, I will
> be even closer to Northern Switzerland ;-) )
> I still have some postage stuff (packaging, stamps, etc), the booth
> banner as well as Kubuntu LTS CDs I would be glad to hand over. Could
> we organize a meet-up so I can give you the material? I will be
> driving through Zürich sometime early next week.

Yes, that wouldn't be a problem. Just leave me a short note when you 
will be there and we could meet-up (e.g. in our office which is not far 
away from the main station).

> Currently there is a conference pack ordered for the Geneva event [1]
> to be shipped to Sebastien who just needs to give feedback when it has
> arrived.

Has this already been sent out?

> If nobody is speaking up against that change I am glad to announce my
> retirement as one of the official team contacts and add Marcus to the
> list. Of course Hassan and Stéphane will remain official team
> contacts. I will send a mail to the loco-contacts mailing list later
> today announcing the change.
> Marcus, could you please subscribe to the loco-contacts mailing list
> [2] and hang out in #ubuntu-ch, #ubuntu-irc and #ubuntu-locoteams so
> people can get in touch with you? You will also need a Launchpad
> account if you don't have one already.

I have subscribed to the list and will be available on IRC during 
business hours.

> Hassan or Stéphane, could you please give Marcus moderator rights for
> the Swiss Team mailing list and Op rights for #ubuntu-ch and do the
> changes on Launchpad accordingly? Thanks.
> I will of course stay on the Swiss Team, be it only to not loose
> contact with you all :)

Thanks and have a nice evening.


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