[Ubuntu-ch] planning the 10.10 release party

Theo Schmidt theo.schmidt at wilhelmtux.ch
Fri Sep 24 18:26:03 BST 2010

Tormod Volden schrieb:
> The classic argument for having the RP some weeks after the release is
> the availability of official CDs. For a type 1 event this is not
> important. Personally I find it OK to hand out 10.04 LTS CDs in a type
> 2 event at this time, since I think 10.04 is getting into good shape
> with past months' updates.
> So what do you Swiss Ubunteros think? 

My personal view is that I am beginning to dread release parties. I'm still
using Dapper Drake und my next task will be to upgrade to 10.04. When something
"new and improved" is advertised, it implies that the previous product was
somehow lacking. My own experience is that the new releases have more features
and are "sexier" but also have more problems and some are more difficult to use.

So, it is quite all right to hand out old CDs and the party should fcous on
Ubuntu as a whole and not on the new version itself. Which is usually the case.
It would be good if a 10.04 Swiss Remix were available, but I guess this won't
be in time.

Best, Theo

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