[Ubuntu-ch] planning the 10.10 release party

Tormod Volden lists.tormod at gmail.com
Fri Sep 24 09:11:31 BST 2010

Hi everybody,

After last week's IRC meeting I halfway promised to write a summary
and post to the list, however I am running out of time and I don't
have the session log at hand, so it will be short.

First we talked about the FrOSCamp 2010, which now is history. I will
leave it to somebody else to report from the Ubuntu stand point of
view, anyway I think it went well and was a fun event.

Then we talked about the Release Party. The Ubuntu 10.10 release is
now a little more than 2 weeks away. We discussed two sort of events:
1. An informal meet-up among ourselves, without much agenda or
advertising (like the 9.10 party in Bern)
2. A "conference" style event with talks and demos, addressing
"normal" people (like the 8.10 party in Zurich)

This year there is the extra gimmick/buzz about the exact release date
10.10.10 (which is a Sunday). It would therefore be fun to celebrate
this day at the same time as many other parties around the world and
maybe setup some videoconferencing and be part of a global event.
Since this is coming up so soon, it would likely be a type 1 party.

We /can/ run both type of events (at different days), obviously type 2
needs a lot more planning and manpower.

The classic argument for having the RP some weeks after the release is
the availability of official CDs. For a type 1 event this is not
important. Personally I find it OK to hand out 10.04 LTS CDs in a type
2 event at this time, since I think 10.04 is getting into good shape
with past months' updates.

So what do you Swiss Ubunteros think? Do we have the enthusiasm (and
basically a place to stay) to quickly make the 10.10.10 party? Do we
have the drive to plan a "public" Ubuntu 10.10 event a little later
with advertising and a real programme?

Hopefully we can have a good discussion on the list (some of us might
meet at Turrican Days?) and even start some planning before next
week's IRC meeting.


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