[Ubuntu-ch] [Bounty offer] We would like to buy working Ubuntu-based virtual machines

Tribaal tribaal at gmail.com
Wed Oct 13 11:06:48 BST 2010

Hi list,

My new position at a (very strongly open-source) web agency leaves me
little to no time to work on non-business projects, and we really need
a more modern infrastructure.

As such, we would have some budget to purchase the following:
- An Ubuntu Subversion server *with openldap integration for
usernames/passwords* (the OpenLDAP server already exists) (over https
or ssh)
- An Ubuntu Samba machine with a share configured to use our openldap server.

Ideally, we would purchase both from the same person/business, and
would eventually contact the person/business further should we need
this type of work done in the future.

We are ready to pay a reasonable price for this (basically this saves
us time, and time is money). We are based in the Zurich area but don't
really care where the machines are coming from as long as they work
and that they are maintainable (this request does *not* include
maintenance from you)

I can give whoever would be interested more information on request
(LDAP schema structure, more precise requirements)

As far as what your CV should look like: we don't care, as long as it
works :) I will personally review and audit the machines, and as long
as it works, it's good to go.

Sorry if I shouldn't have posted this in here,

Best regards,

- Trib' (on behalf of the divio.ch team)

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