[Ubuntu-ch] OpenExpo Poster

Kim Tucker kctucker at gmail.com
Wed Mar 17 23:05:33 GMT 2010

Hi all,

Do we need to mention so many previous versions? Maybe only include 
versions between Hardy and Lucid (exclude Dapper), progressively reduce 
the font size (and grade the font colour light blue to white?) the older 
the version (i.e. Hardy Heron smallest to Lucid Lynx biggest) and 
include images/icons of the animals - a small heron ... a large lynx.

If this is too late, the poster is still fine :-).



On 16/03/10 10:57, Erwin Herrsche wrote:
> Hi all
> On short notice: Please have a look at the poster. If you have any suggestions
> please mail them today. For me the poster looks good. Tomorrow it goes to the
> OpenExpo staff, if there aren't any changes to be made.
> mfg Erwin

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