[Ubuntu-ch] Free/libre/open hardware label?

Kim Tucker kctucker at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 21:03:38 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I have always found it weird to see labels on hardware which say 
"Designed for <some proprietary _software_>".

What would it take to have similar labels which say "Open standards 
compliant" or "open hardware" or "hardware libre"?



Ramón Cahenzli wrote:
> Hi Theo and all,
> On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 19:26, Theo Schmidt <theo.schmidt at wilhelmtux.ch> wrote:
>> There are also a few other Dell laptops with preinstalled Ubuntu, but I'd
>> hesitate to buy from a company which "recommends Windows 7" on every webpage.
>> Even if there are only interested in profits, it leaves some doubt with regards
>> to the quality of the ubuntu configuration.
> This is the result of a kickback deal that Microsoft offers these
> companies, and Dell has no choice about what they write on that page.
> They have to recommend Windows.
> If you look at PC manufacturers' websites and even printed material
> advertising PCs and mainboards, you will find the sentence "Company
> XYZ recommends Windows 7" etc. The sentence is always the same and is
> often located in the top right. This is probably according to a CI
> document from Microsoft that states how large and how prominently the
> sentence is displayed. During the Vista phase, companies taking part
> in this campaign even recommended Vista, when no analyst in the entire
> industry would have recommended that...
> Companies taking part in this Microsoft program either receive special
> prices or advertising kickbacks from Microsoft. Even Belinea, which
> someone mentioned as selling Ubuntu PCs, has the sentence on every
> page.
> It's one of the strategies Microsoft uses to ensure its continued
> total market dominance. Another trick is requiring OEMs to preinstall
> an operating system on all PCs. Of course "an operating system" just
> means "any operating system", but the wording of the clause might be
> so that OEMs believe they have to ship a Microsoft operating system.
> If you ask a bunch of OEMs, you will often get that sort of reply.
> So it's not like Dell actually has any choice in what words they use,
> they _have_ to recommend Windows because not recommending Windows
> would mean their competitors who _do_ recommend Windows earn more
> money.
> I would love to get my hands on an original Microsoft contract to see
> what this deal actually includes.
> - rca

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