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Daniel Stoni dsto at stoni.ch
Thu Jan 14 19:40:42 GMT 2010

Hello all

you might want to have a look at today's press. WOZ has published a full
one-pager about Open Source in Switzerland and Ubuntu. During their
investigations, they have contacted Markus, Myriam and me.

Link to the article:
http://www.woz.ch/artikel/2010/nr02/wirtschaft/18808.html  (in german)

I explained and shared a lot of information - and there was not enough
room for everything ;-) So I decided to publish some additional insight
and some of my lessons learned:

http://www.stoni.ch/cms/de/node/92   (also in german, I'm afraid)

I want to emphasize the importance of media relations for us. People are
so much influenced by advertisements and marketing campaigns of the
shiny world 'there', that they easily miss the value of a full featured
and fully legal open source software system - be it Ubuntu or something

As a matter of fact, we don't have the power to compete with commercial
giants. We neither have ambitions towards that direction because it's
our believe that people should have the freedom of choice. But in order
to reach the end user, we have to make use of the options to spread our
message in an efficient way.

When you encounter press activity about Ubuntu or if you carry along
some nice ideas for media related work, please share it here or on the
/Ideas page in the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SwissTeam/Ideas

Best regards, Daniel Stoni
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