[Ubuntu-ch] Ubuntu bad for Scribus?

Theo Schmidt theo.schmidt at wilhelmtux.ch
Sat Feb 27 13:10:27 GMT 2010

Myriam Schweingruber schrieb:
> Version 8.04 is NOT an LTS version for the KDE packages, only for the
> underlying base system. 

I don't think that's an issue in this case, because Scribus is not a KDE 
package. However it does depend on QT, so perhaps you're right.

> upgrade to Karmic, since it is absolutely pointless to keep 8.04 for
> KDE users, it never was an LTS for KDE.

In our office each and any change of anything generates problems. We planned on 
getting new hardware this summer and making the switch to this, to Lucid and 
KDE4 all at once. Maybe this is wrong and we should get people used to KDE4 
first. However at the moment lots of things are working perfectly with KDE3.5, 
so I'm putting off problems related to this as long as possible.

However, I didn't want to start a KDE-disscussion, but rather ask if there is 
conceivably any truth in the scribus-developers claim that Ubuntu was the most 
unsatisfactory of the large distribution to run Scribus with, because of large 
changes within QT by Canonical, and if it would be preferable to use Debian 
QT-packages rather than Ubuntu QT-packages.

Cheers, Theo

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