[Ubuntu-ch] Release Candidate: SwissRemix for Karmic Koala

Theo Schmidt theo.schmidt at wilhelmtux.ch
Wed Feb 17 18:34:34 GMT 2010

Daniel Stoni schrieb:
> Hello Swiss Ubuntu Community
> you find a release candidate of the new DVD image here: 
> http://www.teamubuntu.ch/pub/9.10-desktop+swiss-remix/

> Please have a look at it and send feedback until Friday, 19.2.2008, to 
> bugs at teamubuntu.ch

Thank you, Daniel! I will probably not be able to download and test by Friday.
I've looked through the files though and so far it all seems OK.

> believe we need to implement a workaround in the SwissEdition?

The Swiss GPRS-modems don't seem to work properly any more because of a bug in
the kernel or the network-manager or both.

> * We have neither ATI nor nvidia graphics. Swissremix comes with free 
> graphics drivers which should run properly. I would like to document any 
> oddities you may find when applying proprietary drivers.

I have never been able to get Ubuntu to run 3-D stuff fast enough on any of my
computers, in contrast to some other distros, but don't know why.

> ## Documentation
> The german text of Readme.html is a complete rewrite.

Very good!

> The update of the english translation is in progress and will be available
> for the final edition.

I'll be happy to proof-read.

> If you have valuable links to online help resources and ubuntu books for 
> beginners in de/it/en/fr, please send us a link.

Deadline? No chance from me by Friday, I'm afraid.

Best, Theo Schmidt

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