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FYI, fresh from the UDS in Barcelona.

Greets, Myriam (who is *not* there, but Stéphane and Hassan are)

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Making sure this goes to LoCo contacts too:


Each LoCo team has to as some point run events, it’s a natural part of
what Local Community teams do to reach out, promote, teach and connect
their local users together. So it seems fitting that a LOT of LoCo team
people were at UDS today to talk about how we can make organising events
and global co-ordination better.

3560281287_5c19d1fc15First on the list is the Bug Days and how the
general ideas can be coordinated and how we can use best practices to
organise and execute days that everyone will be organising. This also
includes translation-days and my suggestion, marketing days. Think of a
single day where every LoCo team in the world decided to market in a
public way, hand out flyers and CDs, hold placards and have some fun.

We also talked tools, using the existing sprint functionality in
launchpad it might be possible to expand to make it handle local
community events, both those that we organise and those of other groups
that we attend. This way our team’s data is available via a standard API
with standard authentication, community tools can then be built to
automagically add things to google calendar, facebook events and other
awesome community awareness.

We also talked about making sure other LoCo teams are aware of what is
going on in some other LoCo teams. For instance, did many of you know
that the Massachusetts LoCo team organised a team spirit event to watch
the new Star Trek film at the iMAX picture house? A very good event that
was not well publicised outside of our LoCo and some other people were
expressing their lament that they could have joined in the fun
themselves and had a whole load of LoCo teams attending on the same day.

There is also work going on in the teams-db world, data is going to be
removed from the wiki and we’re going to have a website which will
hopefully handle the team information in a much more cohesive way.

Best Regards, Martin Owens

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