[Ubuntu-ch] Ubuntu 9.04 SwissRemix RC]

Daniel Stoni dsto at stoni.ch
Sat Jun 6 09:15:29 BST 2009

Hello Ubuntu Swiss Team - below some updates regarding our DVD:

PPA: discussions reveal that using the swiss team ppa is not the best
idea from a security perspective - due its openness. Replacement is
under way.

LinuxDay Geneva: Talking with Linalis people and visiting their webpage
I've learned about SwissOS: http://www.swissos.ch

SwissOS is a Remix based on Ubuntu 8.10 developed by Linalis with some
local customizations and some nice graphics for usplash, gdm and gnome.
They are using some own meta debs on http://www.swissos.ch/main. SwissOS
has some preseeding, too (default settings for gfxboot, timezone,
language, keyboard).
I'm interested in joining efforts, but we have to sort out some points first
- Naming: SwissOS - vs. Ubuntu SwissRemix. There are good reasons for
either approach
- SwissOS includes free and non-free software. This is conflicting with
the current SwissRemix approach which tries to be 'clean' from a legal
Action: The free packages used will be added to SwissRemix, too.
Reference to  non-free Software installation is being added to the
postinstall documentation.

I still collect votes and ideas for default SwissRemix packaging. Should
the kernel sources be in the remix? Wine is not in - any objections?

I keep you informed. Regards, DSTO

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