[Ubuntu-ch] Fwd: ubuntu cd swiss remix

Theo Schmidt theo.schmidt at wilhelmtux.ch
Tue Jan 27 08:51:39 GMT 2009

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> From: Daniel Stoni <dsto at stoni.ch>
> Date: Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 16:54
> Hello Myriam
> I've been in contact with Matthias S and Daniel B. We may formally
> announce that the next Swiss Remix Ubuntu DVD will be built by the
> ubuntu-ch community. Here some base conditions:
> - I have offered to lead this task
> - I'm collecting sponsoring agreements for the DVD, we already have
> promises of half of the budget required for toasting and shrinkwrapping
> - /ch/open assumes a new Swiss DVD based on jaunty jackalope to be
> available as of may, 5 2009
> - installzone at openexpo on April 2 also requires a current Ubuntu
> build. I rather hesitate to distribute the existing 8.04 SwissMix as
> being quite outdated now and suffering from the bad certificate problem.
> In short - an updated and released version of 8.x should be available as
> source, also. We should have a chat about how to achieve this.

AFAIK Daniel Baumann could rather easily produce an updated "LTS" version, i.e. 
8.04.2, but you would still have to start soon! Judging from my experience with 
the 8.04, producing a totally new version, e.g. Jaunty Jackalope, would take 
longer than by April 2nd, as there are sure to be new bugs.

There are still enough existing 8.04 Swiss Remixes for the install zone, but as 
you say, they are best used live and not for installing, as many of the packages 
should be updated, which takes considerable time and bandwidth.

An idea might be to produce some 8.04.2 remixes for the install zone by copying, 
not pressing.

> - I'm collecting ideas and requirements for the DVD also and it is
> interesting to note how many of these ideas are already being discussed
> on the brainstorm pages. Nevertheless we should agree on the procedure
> and about the features in the team and I would appreciate help of people
> familiar with CD building (is the ubuntu customization kit, UCK, the
> utility of choice?)

If you are working with Daniel Baumann, he has written a script which more or 
less builds the distribution. However I suspect that Daniel is the only person 
able to use the script and there is still a lot of manual adjustment and bug 
chasing required.

Regarding the extras, i.e. documentation and multimedia, I'm willing to help 
update this.

The present Swiss Remix DVD does not show in some Windows systems. This should 
be fixed if possible.

I agree with Myriam, that for the next DVD it might be time to use a KDE4 
default for once. Alternatively there should be proivision for switching the 
desktops easily, either before booting or live. The present Swiss Remix does 
allow live switching between Gnome, KDE and Xfce, but it needs too much effort 
to be useful. Should be a one-click thing.

Besides the technical issues, I think we should think more on distribution. At 
the moment, Swiss Remixes are for example in the "reduced" bin at Thalia Books 
in Bern for CHF 4.95. People aren't buying them. In spite of the attractive 
cover, we need a professional looking display box or even larger boxes per DVD. 
In the last few years, Linux has been forgotten by the public. We need to 
increase awareness, in this case the surface area a potential buyer or user sees 
at the first glance.

We can disscuss some of this in person soon, Daniel!

Cheers, Theo

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