[Ubuntu-ch] Fwd: ubuntu cd swiss remix

Seewer Philippe philippe.seewer at bfh.ch
Tue Jan 27 08:01:37 GMT 2009

Ho Daniel!

Myriam Schweingruber wrote:
> - installzone at openexpo on April 2 also requires a current Ubuntu
> build. I rather hesitate to distribute the existing 8.04 SwissMix as
> being quite outdated now and suffering from the bad certificate problem.
> In short - an updated and released version of 8.x should be available as
> source, also. We should have a chat about how to achieve this.

I'd really like to have a 8.10 version available for the installzone if 
possible. As a possibility we might hand out just the "normal" 
Ubuntu-CDs and install a swiss-remix from a installzone-mirror server. 
That way we could reduce costs?

Regards and thanks for the effort!

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