[Ubuntu-ch] OpenExpo Bern 2009 and Jaunty Jackalope Release Party planning

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Wed Jan 14 20:55:58 GMT 2009

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Hi all!

Cool to see already some items up on the schedule! Seems like every year
the planning starts earlier (thanks to you, Myriam)!

I will try to attend OpenExpo this time (I missed the last one), however
as you all know I'm having a tough time with the German language. I am
working on that however.
So if you feel an English / French speaking Ubuntero can be of some
help, I'll pre-book the date (need to make sure work+school scedules
don't conflict).

Regarding the release party, I'm also full of good will and am more than
willing to lend a hand :)

Straight to the hot topic: should we schedule two release parties this
year as well? One in the German-speaking part and one in the
French-speaking one?

Hope you all had a happy new year and a good rest!

- - Trib'

Myriam Schweingruber wrote:
> Hi all,
> Happy New Year everybody!
> Let's hope everybody has refueled their batteries as there is a lot of
> work waiting for us this year again :)
> 1. OpenExpo
> I registered a booth for the OpenExpo fair in Bern. It will be held on
> 1. + 2. April 2009 in the BEA expo halls and I would love to have some
> company at the booth during these two days. I set up a page for this
> event: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SwissTeam/OpenExpo/Bern09, so please
> join the party and tell me ASAP if you will be amongst the booth
> people. FYI, Canonical Marketing Director Andrew Rodaway will be at
> OpenExpo with a talk, so it's also a great occasion to get in touch
> with people from the firm behind Ubuntu :)
> If you still hesitate, the catering during this fair is well worth a
> trip to Bern on these dates :)
> 2. Jaunty Jackalope Release Party
> The next K/X/Ubuntu release 9.04, codename Jaunty Jackalope, is
> planned for release on 23. April 2009. So of course there is another
> party to throw! Please, all interested, join us on IRC on
> * Monday, 26. January 2009, in #ubuntu-ch on IRC*
> I already set up a wiki page for the planning, please have a look and
> make your suggestions. Please be realistic in your propositions and
> for those with a lot of ideas: keep in mind that ideas are always
> welcome, but we would also have people who realise these ideas, and
> this is hardly possible with volunteers.
> We need suggestions for:
> * Dates:  2-3 weeks after release has proven to be a good choice
> * Location(s): everybody who comes up with a location suggestion is
> asked to kindly provide some additional work in further organisation,
> i.e. if you want to suggest a party in one particular place, make sure
> you are able to attend and help with the organisation too, else it's
> simply a loss of time, as we simply can't be everywhere at the same
> time, and those great, enthusiastic, but unfortunately also very few
> people who have been organising parties till now know what we are
> talking about...
> * Posters: I will ask our artist from last time if she could provide
> us again with a great poster and flyer design, but these posters and
> flyers have to be printed and spread, so volunteers will be needed for
> that.
> * Sponsors: if you have an idea about companies we could ask, hot
> connections in FOSS companies or work in such a marvelous place, step
> forward and help us with getting "some monnies" needed for catering,
> printing, location, etc. We do not need much, but these three points
> are essential. Of course they will have their place set on the posters
> and flyers and of course the wiki page of the party.
> * Manpower: the more we are the merrier! This also means less work for
> the individuals as we can share tasks and of course we can have even
> more fun :)
> Looking forward to see you on Monday 26th!
> Greetings
> Myriam

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