[Ubuntu-ch] Text for OpenExpo poster

Myriam Schweingruber schweingruber at pharma-traduction.ch
Fri Feb 20 15:15:30 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I need some input from you folks on how to "sell" the Team on the
poster for the OpenExpo.

Basically, my idea was the following:

as we are still during Intrepid Ipex lifetime and Jaunty Jackalope
will only be released 3 weeks after the OpenExpo, I asked our artist,
Iris, to base the poster on the one she made for the last RP. One idea
could be to place a Jackalope somewhere on the poster, hiding or
sneaking in. What do you folks think of that idea?

What is even more urgent is some text to put on that poster. Remember,
it will be a A1 format which is pretty big and this is the big
occasion to advertise the SwissTeam as *the* Ubuntu Community in
Switzerland. So the text should advertise not only Ubuntu as a whole
but also the SwissTeam and the worldwide community behind the project.

My head is so full of other stuff for the moment, I can't make a nice
slogan up right now, even if I have some ideas somewhere in the
circuits of my brain. So please give a and and bring up some ideas.
The original artwork can be seen on our wiki page here:

Thanks a lot for the help and especially big thanks to Iris for giving
a hand with this.


Myriam, diving back into touchscreen calibration hell...
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