[Ubuntu-ch] Apologies for tonight and various

WaVeR debian at hispeed.ch
Fri Feb 20 07:55:55 GMT 2009

Hello Ubunteros,

2009 began with a lot of stress at work. That's why I'm not often on

The idea of celebrating the release between us will be great. It will
give us the opportunity to get acquainted.


Le jeudi 19 février 2009 à 16:39 +0100, Carlos Diener a écrit :
> > *Jaunty Release Party*:
> > I would like to suggest, at least for once, to just party! We can
> > organize something on the weekend following the release in a nice
> > place, mainly as a party for us Ubunteros and friends where
> everybody
> > is welcome. What do you think of that? A lot of other teams do the
> > same and it doesn't mean we stop working. Not at all! This would be
> an
> > occasion to reduce the workload for those few, who have always been
> > pushing forward, and a nice party with friends, celebrating that
> > curious animal called Jackalope :)
> I like this idea and sometime ago I had it too. Sounds nice and if
> it's not too wide away, I'll be happy to attend. :) (Long ways are for
> me as student just too expensive ...) Is there already any suggestions
> about the locations?

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