[Ubuntu-ch] Apologies for tonight and various

Carlos Diener carlos at diener.li
Thu Feb 19 15:39:32 GMT 2009

> *OpenExpo*:
Thank you for your effort. I don't know if I can attend to Bern, but I'm sure 
I'll able to give my part in the fall at Winterthur on the next one.

> *Jaunty Release Party*:
> I would like to suggest, at least for once, to just party! We can
> organize something on the weekend following the release in a nice
> place, mainly as a party for us Ubunteros and friends where everybody
> is welcome. What do you think of that? A lot of other teams do the
> same and it doesn't mean we stop working. Not at all! This would be an
> occasion to reduce the workload for those few, who have always been
> pushing forward, and a nice party with friends, celebrating that
> curious animal called Jackalope :)
I like this idea and sometime ago I had it too. Sounds nice and if it's not 
too wide away, I'll be happy to attend. :) (Long ways are for me as student 
just too expensive ...) Is there already any suggestions about the locations?

Cheers from Winterthur
Carlos / emonkey
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