[Ubuntu-ch] ubuntu cd swiss remix

Daniel Stoni dsto at stoni.ch
Tue Apr 14 16:25:23 BST 2009

Hello Ubuntu Swiss Team

Ten days to go, ten days until Ubuntu 9.04 will be generally available. By end of month, we also would like to have a Swiss Edition of Jaunty Jackalope. As noted earlier, ownership of this production is transferred from /ch/open to ubuntu-ch community and I offered my help to get the DVD ready in time. This is a tight schedule and I'd like to inform you about the current activities:

Main tasks:
- collect money by sponsors for the production. Due by end of this week. About 4000 CHF are to be collected.
- gather swiss specific requirements for the new release by ensuring continuity from the previous (8.04) edition. Due by  April 23 the latest.
- build DVD ISO using final code, do thorough testing and hand the ISO to a DVD pressing company. Due by about April 27. 

Some more information about the project is currently under 
(in german only). 

Wiki/Forum to be prepared by tomorrow. The goal is to port full information to ubuntu-ch community website at a later date.   

Looking forward to seeing your feedback and reading about your ideas. Any offer for assistance is appreciated.

Kind regards
Daniel Stoni
dsto at stoni.ch  |  +41 79 405 1864

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