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I think you need to read her text again - she wrote about it

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> Hi Myriam,
> Thanks for your extensive work, it looks great to me. The only thing I
> could think of that you could add was that several people asked for
> Ubuntu shirts when they saw the Debian ones.
> Best regards,
> Manuel
> Am Samstag, den 27.09.2008, 14:39 +0200 schrieb Myriam Schweingruber:
>> Hi all,
>> Find below my report for the OpenExpo in Winterthur. Please, Daniel,
>> Manuel and Silvan, complete what's missing! We will then put it on  
>> the
>> wiki
>> The booth was on Wednesday and Thursday, 24/25 September at the
>> Eulachhallen in WInterthur [1].
>> During these two days, Daniel Stoni, Manuel Schmid, Silvan Gebhardt
>> and myself presented Ubuntu and it's variants to the public.
>> We mainly gave away the Swiss Remix DVD which really is a great
>> promotional tool! We received a pack from the ch-open guys and almost
>> all are gone. Luckily they also include KDE and Xfce so we could
>> answer nearly all the demands as we only had very little Kubuntu 8.04
>> left and none of the official Ubuntu 8.04. Only very few people asked
>> for CD's (as they didn't have a DVD slot).
>> Great thanks to ch-open[2] and Matthias Stürmer in particular who  
>> had
>> this brilliant idea!
>> We also had some Kubuntu KDE 4 remix CDs which we had to hand out
>> carefully as it includes a KDE 4.0 aimed at developers and people had
>> to upgrade ASAP to 4.1.2, currently aimed at advanced users. We have
>> to be very careful with the upcoming Kubuntu 8.10 as it will include
>> 4.1.2 and it definitely is not a "beginners" version. This will be
>> done with 9.04 which will include KDE 4.2 considered as final.
>> There were a few demands for the Server Edition and we pointed them  
>> to
>> the download page as we didn't prepare any ISOs for that. ToDo for
>> next time.
>> Idem for Edubuntu, as we had a some people willing to spread it in
>> schools. Surprisingly we had a few people asking for the "Children's
>> Edition", one even expected it to include Internet filters for small
>> children... we reminded him that filtering is something the parents
>> should do and every browser includes such tools. I did a small
>> presentation of Gcompris to one of the persons too.
>> There also were demands for support, either professional or for
>> individuals. Problems which could not be saved at the booth ("what do
>> I do if the printer stops working?") were oriented to the contacts
>> list in our wiki and I sent one professional request to Puzzle Inc.
>> who also had a booth and who are listed in the Ubuntu marketplace  
>> [3].
>> Sorry if I missed another booth of Ubuntu partners.
>> ToDo: our website should be worked on ASAP to include links to  
>> support
>> partners and present Ubuntu in Switzerland more obviously than the
>> wiki page.
>> @Daniel, are you still interested in working on that?
>> @Patrick: how fare are you with the website?
>> Another request was for training classes. I showed the LPI courses
>> available in his region (Migros school, etc.), pointed this person to
>> the LPI booth and explained the Ubuntu certification. He was more
>> interested in beginners classes and this should be considered too in
>> our website.
>> @Wiki contacts in the Lucerne region, you might get some support  
>> requests!
>> @those interested in offering training: there is a new program by
>> Canonical which a friend of mine is coordinating. Talk to me if you
>> need to get in touch!
>> We also met Philipp Gassmann, who wrote an introduction to Ubuntu (in
>> German) for his Matura work. He will put it on his wiki as soon as
>> it's finished. He won a well deserved OSS Award Switzerland in the
>> Youth category [4]. Congratulations, Philipp!
>> ToDo: link to Philipp's excellent work ASAP!
>> Some thoughts about the OpenExpo in general:
>> Catering was awesome! The tables could be larger, especially if we
>> consider selling T-Shirts for next time (I picture an Ibex and the
>> ubuntu-ch logo, doesn't this sound nice?). Now where does this idea
>> come from? Well, Debian.ch registered a booth and didn't have the
>> necessary people to man it, so we agreed to sell their T-Shirts [5].
>> One more way to give back to Debian ;)
>> Parking should be available for free and that's where Winterthur is
>> not necessarily an ideal place for such an expo, as the parking
>> available was totally taken by the Topsoft booth people unless one
>> arrived 2 hours earlier. Thanks again to Debian.ch for sponsoring our
>> parking ticket on Thursday!
>> Hope I didn't forget important things, please, booth mates, complete
>> what's missing so we can publish that on the wiki and the
>> LoCoReportPage.
>> Greets
>> Myriam
>> PS Big thanks also to Silvan who offered bed and breakfast for Mark
>> and me and another thanks to Carlos who organised a dwelling for the
>> Free Software booth people in Winterthur!
>> [1] http://www.openexpo.ch
>> [2] http://www.ch-open.ch
>> [3] http://webapps.ubuntu.com/marketplace/europe/
>> [4] http://www.ossaward.ch/
>> [5] http://madduck.net/blog/2008.09.26:ubuntu-giving-back/
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