[Ubuntu-ch] Planning the Intrepid release

Ramon Cahenzli rca at fsfe.org
Tue Sep 23 11:00:55 BST 2008

Hi Myriam and all,

Thanks a lot for all your work. I'm very happy that I'm only the "guy 
with the location" this time, I wouldn't get to organize anything :)

> - the release parties will be held both on the same day, Saturday, November 15th

I've moved our reservation for the ZHdK building at Sihlquai 131, it 
seems OK on Nov 15th. If we're still happy to go with this location, 
should be no problem.

> - Daniel Stoni has already proposed to sponsor the drinks for the RP
> in Zürich, thanks to Daniel!

Wow, fantastic!

> Ideas:
> - organise video material to be able to stream the parties to each other

I've reserved a FireWire cam and a tripod for Nov 1, but I'll try to get 
something better instead for Nov 15th, as it seems that starting with 
Hardy, it's not that easy to get them to work anymore.

Perhaps I can get a decent quality USB webcam. We have some public IPs 
we can use, so setting up a streaming server should work without 
trouble. If all else fails we can still try some video chat system that 
works through NAT.

> As usual, I will order CDs for the events, still need a shipping
> address for the ZH event though :)

If it's okay at the ZHdK, here's an address:

Zürcher Hochschule der Künste
R. Cahenzli
Ausstellungsstr. 60
8031 Zürich

Thanks a lot!


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