[Ubuntu-ch] Language

Theo Schmidt theo.schmidt at wilhelmtux.ch
Sat Oct 25 14:18:42 BST 2008

Philipp Gassmann wrote:
> If you want to reach a normal User you have to adress him in his 
> language! I absolutely never would refer a new Swiss user to a english 
> mailing list.
> As I'm quite new to this list. I don't know what this mailing list is 
> intended for? It is not for support, it is not for developers... ? For me 
> this mailing lists seems to be for geeks and developers. but not for a 
> normal user you want to address.

You're right, this isn't a list primarily for new users. I can't find a 
list definition, but for me this list is for the Swiss-wide coordination 
of Ubuntu-related activities.

For support there are many other lists, no need to do this on this list. 
Developers also have their own lists and forums. In your documentation 
"Einführung in Ubuntu" you list some sources for German-speakers. There 
are also lists at lugs.ch and lugbe.ch; both have at least a support and 
a "chatter" list. At wilhelmtux.ch we have a list for Swiss advocacy 
issues. This isn't language specific but is almost always in German. We 
used to have several language lists but have since discontinued all but one.

I would encourage people on *this* list to write English, but if this is 
too difficult, to write in their own language. Most people can read 
better than they can write.

Theo Schmidt, Wilhelm Tux

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