[Ubuntu-ch] Last Todos before Saturday [Hardy DVDs still available]

Theo Schmidt theo.schmidt at wilhelmtux.ch
Wed Nov 12 21:33:12 GMT 2008

Myriam Schweingruber schrieb:
>>> I still have hundreds of unlabeled* Hardy Heron Swiss Remix DVDs (32/64
>>> bit including Kubuntu/Xubuntu/Edubuntu DE/EN/FR/IT and lots of
>>> info/multimedia). These are no longer suitable for installation but
>>> still work very well live and for viewing the info. Shall I send some of
>>> these somewhere?
> Theo, what do you mean by unlabeled? 

They are silver both sides, look quite good, actually! I usually stamp a 
penguin on one side so that people put them in the drive the right way 
round (they are not double-sided, just look that way).

> If these are proper Hardy Heron
> DVDs I would still consider them suitable for installation, as Ubuntu
> 8.04 is a LTS release.

Of course. But you still should update to 8.04.1, which actually takes 
longer than the installation itself.

These particular ones also have the internet disabled (they are 
child-safe!). You  have to do:

sudo dpkg --purge resolvconf
sudo touch /etc/resolv.conf
sudo dhclient eth0

But as Matthias now has 200 we don't need these for Saturday. If anybody 
can think of a brilliant use (after the party) for the unlabeled ones or 
has a printer which can print on the disks, (or would like to pay for 
professional labelling) please get in touch with me.

I hope you have a fine event! Thanks for your efforts and get well!

Cheers, Theo (still running 6.06!)

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