[Ubuntu-ch] Finance details of the ZH RP

calimarno at bluewin.ch calimarno at bluewin.ch
Fri Jun 13 13:49:50 BST 2008

>[...] Calimarno, since you are one of the active in both Swisslinux and
>Ubuntu-ch, I guess you are (already) the perfect contact person? [...]

I am not very active in Ubuntu-ch, as I did not take part to any of your activities, but I read the mailing list as 
much as possible and I could be a contact person. My question is : should I always communicate through the mailing list 
to everybody or will someone from Ubuntu-ch (more involved than me, I mean someone taking part to the organisation of 
events) contact me directly in the future for collaboration?

Best regards

Arnaud Praplan

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