[Ubuntu-ch] Finance details of the ZH RP

WaVeR debian at hispeed.ch
Sat Jun 7 08:11:55 BST 2008

Hi folks,

Le jeudi 05 juin 2008 à 13:46 +0200, Jaap Hoetmer a écrit :
> If I may throw in my 5 cts.
> I think the most important activities will be and should be to get
> together, do things together, and work together to help bring Ubuntu
> further. That means looking at opportunities to educate others, and at
> ways we can educate ourselves in an area that is close to our hearts:
> Ubuntu.


> The more official side is in my opinion at this moment in time a bit
> overkill, but may at some point be necessary if it comes to an
> expansion

There's too many problem if you want to create a non-profit association
using the word "ubuntu", we must sign some papers with canonical, and
you need a real good structure. I think at this time, it's not needed to
be an association

> of activities. For now, I suggest to keep structure as flat as
> possible.


> But I think it is definitely required to organise more get-togethers
> and
> create 'themed events'. It helps to find out if the 'administration
> structure' is really needed.
> Cheers,



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