[Ubuntu-ch] Finance details of the ZH RP

Carlos Diener carlos at diener.li
Thu Jun 5 10:09:56 BST 2008

Am Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2008 schrieb Ramon Cahenzli:
> I finally got around to doing the bookkeeping for the ZH RP :)
Tanks for your effort!

> Carlos donated 10.00 because at the end of the RP, it wasn't yet clear
> whether we had made enough profits to cover expenses. If you want that
> donation back, that's fine, then we'd have 40.55.
Please hold the donation in the pool, I'm sure we can use it sometime.

> What should happen with the left over 40.55/50.55? Pool it for the next RP?
As I already wrote, I'm definitely the opinion we should hold it in the pool 
for further use. If not for another RP maybe for other things.

Because we've got now money somewhere we should have at least a wiki page 
where everyone has the possiblity to see all our financial flow. 

Furthermore we should define who decides about financial things. I think it's 
time to create a core team or Swiss Team council. I know we do not needed it 
till know to decide, but it gives us all some structure and I'm sure as 
longer as more we need something like that. The financial details know is 
maybe the right moment to discuss about that issue. 

Let's start a vote and then the new core team should do some work on creating 
a basic chart with rules about votings and decisions. I know it won't be easy 
but I know that with that we're prepared for the future.

Of course if we decide go this way there are also some negative points. Even 
it is not the case, for outsiders it's looking like there is one more step, 
one more barrier to contribute because there is somethin like a team who does 
all the stuff. We've to communicate very well that this is only a decisions 
board and everybody has the possibility to contribute at every point he 

I know there was no need for it before, because we all organized it with a lot 
of cooperating in a very spontanous way and the swiss way of compromise and 
concordance what is really great. But there will be a moment when we're glad 
to have some rules ...

I propose a small board with 3 or 5 members with people who are interested 
doing all this initial work for further structures and rules. Of course the 
initial board members have to work out all these things with no power of 
decisions and the final decisions board does not exist until we all agreed 
with the proposal work from the inital board.

Ok ... hopefully my braindump in this mail is coherent. :-) What you're all 
thinking about this issue?

thanks for attention
Carlos / emonkey

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