[Ubuntu-ch] Finance details of the ZH RP

Ramon Cahenzli rca at fsfe.org
Thu Jun 5 09:36:24 BST 2008

Hi everyone,

I finally got around to doing the bookkeeping for the ZH RP :)

The good news: If we only count the drinks that were actually used, we 
made a profit. Here are the boring details:

Drink bottles and snacks used

1    Sprite              2.45
3    Sinalco             7.50
2    Mineral water       1.10
2    Apple juice         4.50
4    Orange juice        3.75
4    Cola               10.00
2    Packs of chips      6.70
1    Pack of pistachios  7.95
= Total spendings       43.95

65 beers sold          227.50
65 beers bought       -143.00
= Beer profits          84.50
- Expenses             -43.95
= Profit after expenses 40.55
Carlos' donation        10.00
= Money pool            50.55

Carlos donated 10.00 because at the end of the RP, it wasn't yet clear 
whether we had made enough profits to cover expenses. If you want that 
donation back, that's fine, then we'd have 40.55.

The side effect is that I have several dozen liters of unused fizzy 
drinks and mineral water in the basement now, but I will offer that 
stuff at the Ubuntu Stammtisch events. We have a donation jar there, 
that might cover my expenses. There's also left over FreeBeer that I'll 
sell at the Stammtisch, otherwise we won't get the money for depot on 
bottles and boxes back.

What should happen with the left over 40.55/50.55? Pool it for the next RP?


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