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Stéphane Graber stgraber at ubuntu.com
Wed Jan 16 23:51:20 GMT 2008

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Tribaal wrote:
> Hey Matthias!
> Good to know you'll make a Swiss version again!
> We'll love to have some this year too of course. I don't know how many
> people will attend, nor how much this represents in hard money... but
> would 500 CDs seem like a reasonable amount?

We had 300 (mixed Kubuntu, Ubuntu and Edubuntu) last time and I brought
back home like 50 of these, so yes 500 is a reasonable amount as we plan
to have a lot more people at those two release parties.

> I would like to submit a couple of improvement points for the Swiss
> remix. Since I have no idea how technically difficult it is to
> implement, please bear with me :)
> 1. Having a Yoddle or cowbell as a login sound would be a funny touch
> (yes, I know, it's a stereotype, but it's fun)
> 2. Is there any way to make the language selection menu part of the
> "main menu" instead of the F2 thing?

The problem I see with those two changes (especially the session sound)
is that you'll need to change the configuration which comes with two
packages (language-selector and ubuntu-sounds) and that may trigger some
weird bug/conflicts if and update of one of those packages is later
uploaded (which is likely as it's a LTS).

I would recommend to do as little change as possible, we want it to be
stable and rock solid + we want the users to be able to get professional
support from companies like Canonical, which is not possible if the main
packages are changed.

Have a CD with a different package set is fine as long as all of them
comes from the official repositories and for a LTS I would suggest to
use only packages from main to avoid possible support issues.

> Just a couple of ideas... Anyway, the previous version was very
> successful as it is now, there is no real need for improvement :)
> Take care :)
> - Trib'

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