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Wed Jan 16 20:27:40 GMT 2008

Hi IRCers!

I looked through the meeting notes, great! I can't add much except for
one part:

> See with /ch/open for Swiss remixes? They were very welcome by users
> last time! The custom local flavor is a big marketing force :)

Thanks ;) We're again planning to do a Swiss Remix of the new release.
This time we'd like to add a little booklet with a tiny user manual. Are
there other wishes/improvements you'd like? Doing a
Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Edubuntu DVD is possible but doesn't make much sense in
my view because it costs the double. The idea is to have a handy
marketing gadget, everything else can be downloaded by those who know
already what the difference between the flavors is. How many CDs do you
think you'd need/be able to distribute?



Am Mittwoch, den 16.01.2008, 01:13 +0100 schrieb Tribaal:
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> Hi list!
> Like I said on IRC, I did post a summary of our meeting held today.
> It is accessible at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SwissTeam/ReleasePartyHardy.
> I don't think I overlooked any particular point of the discussion, and
> felt free to add my own ideas to the brainstorm.
> Please make any edit you see fit, especially regarding page layout and
> beautifycation of the content (it's late, I don't feel like
> wiki-gardening) :)
> I tried to mark items with the nicks of people involved. If you want to
> volunteer for a task, please add you name next to it, so that people
> know you're working on it.
> Take care
> Good night!
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