[Ubuntu-ch] Ubuntu Stammtisch in Zürich

Ramon Cahenzli rca at fsfe.org
Mon Jan 7 19:04:16 GMT 2008

Hello List and Carlos

Thanks for posting this here too.

> There is an ubuntu meeting with a speech on 10th of january. It's nothing
> official from our group but it sounds good. More Informations:
> http://ubuntuusers.de/ikhaya/871/

I can act as if it's semi-official, as I'm one of the organizers :)

When we had the very first Ubuntu meeting in October, I posted it to the


But I have been keeping quiet about it since then, because I wasn't sure
if announcing each meeting would be too much list noise. At any rate,
you're all welcome to join, and if there is an "Ubuntu-ch seal of
approval" that can be stamped on the event, I would be happy to do so.

The past five events were rather successful. We usually have between 10
and 20 guests, two of them regulars and moderators at ubuntuusers.de, the
largest German-speaking Ubuntu forum/portal. The idea was to have a mix of
experts and newbies, and so far it worked out well every time. If the
experts get bored they can talk among themselves, otherwise they help the
newbies understand Ubuntu, do little install fests etc.

> Unfortunately only avalaible in German.

Yes :(  Though Felix Stalder could certainly also deliver his presentation
in English and there are always English-speakers present. And sometimes we
even get a few bilingues who grew up in Bern or Wallis :)

See you there!


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