[Ubuntu-ch] Ubuntu-Stammtisch tomorrow at the ZHdK in Zürich

Ramon Cahenzli rca at fsfe.org
Wed Oct 24 08:00:52 BST 2007

Hello list

What: A meeting of Ubuntu users and those curious about Ubuntu [1],
embedded in a series of events about Free Software [2].

Where: Sihlquai 131 in the building of the "Vertiefung Neue Medien" [3] of
the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK), 8031 Zürich. Near tram stop

When: Thursday, October 25 (tomorrow!) starting at 17:30 and open-ended.

For whom: Anyone who wants to attend! There might even be some free beer,
but bring your own in case you want to be sure ;)

A brief outline in English, as all the supplied information is in German:

"Über Gnus und Pinguine" is a series of events about Free Software. We
stick Free Software experts, interested people and total newbies in the
same room and watch the results. Each event has a rough outline of topics
that we'll discuss, followed by a very informal Q & A session where anyone
can get their Free Software related questions answered and problems

Our goal is to make the whole complicated mess of software licensing
issues, ethical and moral considerations and purely pragmatic applications
of Free Software easier to understand.

Embedded in these events is the "Ubuntu-Stammtisch", an irregular Ubuntu
user meeting organized by Olivia Suter. Here, Ubuntu users can have their
questions answered by experts, but more importantly, they get to meet
other Ubuntu users face to face. Self-help, hints and pointers for good
resources etc. are an important part of this. We want to show what makes
the GNU/Linux community different, putting our focus on the
well-connected, cheerful bunch of users you can turn to.

So we try to uphold the tradition that began with all those happy LUGs
back in the day, because we miss it!

We'd be very happy if you'd show up, it doesn't matter whether you're
there as an expert or as a user. See you there :)


[1] http://blog.vnm.zhdk.ch/2007/10/23/uber-gnus-und-pinguine-runde-2/
[2] http://informator.vnm.zhdk.ch/GnusUndPinguine
[3] http://map.search.ch/zuerich/sihlquai-131

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